Matthew Ryan - Psychologist


.Matthew Ryan is a senior psychologist and family therapist who has been helping people work through their personal and relational problems for more than 25 years.  He is particularly skilled in helping families and couples identify and sort through the dysfunctional patterns that prevent them from enjoying their relationships.

Some ofkthe problems and challenges that can confront couples and families are:

  • fear of intimacy
  • sexual difficulties
  • inability to share and communicate their deepest hopes and dreams
  • difficulties in maintaining appropriate boundaries between the couple and their respective parents and siblings
  • significant differences in handling such things as finance and the raising of children, often as a result of what they experienced and consequently learnt during their own upbringing
  • emotional baggage carried into the relationship from previous relationships
  • attempting to control or change one another
  • an inability to compromise and find joint solutions together
  • the new challenges to family structure when children become teenagers and children leave home
  • the challenge posed by children who are particularly strong-willed or exhibit other behaioural problems

Any of these difficulties can threaten to derail the couple's relationship, causing misunderstandings, argument, and disillusionment.  In Matthew's experience, the vast majority of troubled couples and families can be assisted to regain healthy functioning.  Many people become trapped in these patterns because they have great difficulty in seeing their own participation in the problems and get stuck in a pattern of blame and counter-blame. As a marriage and family therapist, he encourages clients to recognize dysfunctional ways of relating and assists families and couples work through the predictable crises and difficulties that the various stages of the family life cycle bring.


Matthew is available to accept clients referred by their GP or consultant psychiatrist. Your doctor will give you a Mental Health Treatment Plan that you bring to the first interview.  Alternatively, clients can self-refer and, if eligible, a Mental Health Plan can be arranged with their regular GP or psychiatrist.

Clients can also be seen privately without meeting the Medicare Mental Health Treatment Plan referral criteria.

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Payment is required at the time of consultation.  The fee for clinical services with Matthew Ryan is $155.00 per consultaition.  The current Medicare rebate is $84.80.  Each consultation is 50 minutes in length.

All Matthew's clints are able to access a Medicare Easyclaim and HICAPS facility.  Please check with your private health insurance provider to se if you are able to utilise this service.

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