Hawthorne Psychology centre in Brisbane

Hawthorne Psychology

Dr Yolande Breyder   -  Samantha Hilty 

Dr Yolande Breyder, Hawthorne Psychology's Principal, is a General Practitioner whose area of special interest is Psychological Medicine.  She confines her practice to adult mental health issues and has had extensive experience in the treatment of Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, and Asperger’s Syndrome.

“As a psychologically-skilled GP, I believe that I am able to offer an important service that is complementary to that offered by psychologists and psychiatrists.  Having a combination of medical and psychological training places me in a unique position to determine whether your symptoms are due to medical, social, psychological, or emotional factors – or a combination of many of these, as is so often the case.  In addition, I am able to make appropriate assessments, administer various psychological interventions and prescribe psychotropic medication as indicated.”


Samantha Hilty is a fully registered generalist psychologist who works with adult clients and specialises in both clinical and and occupational psychology.

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Hawthorne Psychology is located in a medical precinct which provides additional services including dentistry, physiotherapy, pharmacy, pathology, osteopathy, and general medicine.

The practice provides a modern and aesthetically pleasant environment.  It has been designed to cater to patients with disabilities with the provision of disabled parking and toilet facilities.  There is ready access to public transport with a bus stop at the door.  Ample visitor parking is located on site.